Thank you for visiting! Deanna is a Niagara songwriter and musician, happy to be devoting time to writing music, playing live shows at popular venues and leading singalongs at various organizations. Through all her musical adventures, Deanna's hope is to connect with people on a meaningful level.


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Some Musings on Corona Virus 

I’ve spent nearly all day meandering through the thoughts and feelings that welled up in me during my grocery store visit. I probably should have immediately ripped off my shoes, found a patch of grass to stand in, and take some deep, cleansing breaths. But I did not. Today I decided to let this cook a little, and now I am releasing it through these words.

I don’t think any of us should feel alone in what we are sensing during this time of outbreak. 

Being respectful of ourselves and others in how we may be…

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Songwriting Reflections Part 2 

...when I initially experienced the "spark" that I previously wrote about, songwriting wasn't yet defined, and it just happened. That freedom is what I lost when I started building my definition of songwriting, and it is what I am making my way back to. All of the expectations I had about what songwriting should be, blocked the direct line of creation that was ready to move through and out of me. My hypnotherapist quickly acknowledged that "songwriting" and any "creating" is actually just allowing ourselves…

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Songwriting Reflections Part 1 

I remember the first time I wrote a song and the FIERY joy that could not be put out inside of me. It was called "This Song's About You". The moment blazed so deeply, that it's spark never, ever went out. The freedom writing gave me was inexplicable, but unfortunately lasted far less time than I would have hoped. Slowly and steadily, songwriting became linked to feeling exposed and that I had to be perpetually vulnerable. It became overwhelming, too much "responsibility" and never good enough. Every time…

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