Songwriting Reflections Part 2

...when I initially experienced the "spark" that I previously wrote about, songwriting wasn't yet defined, and it just happened. That freedom is what I lost when I started building my definition of songwriting, and it is what I am making my way back to. All of the expectations I had about what songwriting should be, blocked the direct line of creation that was ready to move through and out of me. My hypnotherapist quickly acknowledged that "songwriting" and any "creating" is actually just allowing ourselves to be an open channel for the Divine to create through us. No strings attached. No responsibility. No heaviness. No expectations. No confines. And the real doesn't matter how it is received. What comes to exist through us is possibly meant for just one set of ears (or eyes, heart or mind). And we have to trust that it will reach that person. Just as we have all been touched and moved by something at sometime, so too this will be. It's not me, it's not you...we are a channel. And the Creator creates through us. 

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